I need help! I’m new

Ok so I’m trying to create a story and I want two characters to walk into a bedroom at the same time from the same direction. One to enter from the left to screen right then the other enter from the left and stand on the left. Thought I figured it out but the one standing on the right didn’t face the other character and it says what I put in (which is what the guide says I’m allowed to put) isn’t a real command! And the characters are just popping up on screen one in front of the other which of course is not what I want. Please help me with what I should put in! (I’m using the newest type, the limelight or something)

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Hello @Kitkat664!
For directing help I have found @Dara.Amarie ‘s threads to be very helpful! Click me!

Also I’m pretty sure this thread is supposed to be in the directing helps and tips section. :grinning:

I actually learnt how to do a lot through a youtuber Joseph Evans. He does episode interactive tutorials and I think you should check him out. Just type in ‘Joseph Evans Episode Interactive’. Hope this will help :kissing_heart:

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