I need help! I need help with ma story to help me be organized!


So guys can you give me some tips to become like a great episode author I’m having a hard time writing out my story…so any advice?




What are you having trouble with exactly?


On how to get organized and write my story correctly not perfect


Well normally having a plan of you are going to write for each episode before you actually start writing it will help with organisation. I also like to have all my backgrounds approved, outfits made and animations chosen wo hen I write I don’t have to stop to make an outfit or something.


Ok! I will take that so it can help me get very organized…:joy:


:joy::green_heart: Ok, I am always happy to try and help!! <3


Also I love your profile picture!! :heart_eyes::blue_heart:


U really need to work on writing :woman_facepalming:t4:


I didn’t make it but I will give credit to the person that made this…and I love her or his art so much that I use it as my pfp


Who made it?


Girly_m I think she’s awesome


I will check out some of her art!! <3


On ig or the internet! You can see her art


Yeah, wow I really do like her work it is amazing!! :heart_eyes::heartpulse: