I Need help, if you know what to do pls tell me!


i dont know what to do, someone pls help!!!


Get rid of a bracket

“Heck yes!” { }

It should be:

“Heck yes!” {



@RudeInception not that part, the one thats in yellow. the heck yes part i need those two brakets like that


Hmmm… I’ve never seen this before. Well somewhere there should be another open bracket. Not sure where. Let’s ask @Dara.Amarie


If you fix what @RudeInception said to fix, that fixes the yellow highlighted part. You shouldn’t have brackets right next to each other like that.

Choices look like this:

"Option 1" {

#script here for this branch

} "Option 2" {

#script here for option 2 branch

} "Option 3" {

#script here for option 3 branch


The brackets need to wrap around the part that goes with the choice.


@Dara.Amarie Thank you!!!