I Need Help! im stuck

i need a scene where my female character answers the door to my male character

how do I do that?

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Either you should use 2 door overlays. One for closed door and one more for opened door. Or don’t show the door, just use that hand reach animation which shows like she opened door.

what about the spotting and what background do I use to put the doors on

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I found a thread with door background. Ask them if you can use it.

If you are using a door background use any living room background with it to show that door for living room is there.

ive found some I can use but now I need her to walk up to the door and open it and I need him to be standing at the other side

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Spot direct her near the door.

When door is opened spot direct him too.
If you want to know how to do spot directing, let me know I’ll send you the link.

I don’t know how to spot direct

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Refer this Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)

This might help.

I’m trying to get my character to playful_kiss_rear my other character he’s on the left and she’s on the right

What do I put?

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how do I get them to stop kissing lol

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Just use another animation when you want them to stop
@CHAR faces left AND CHAR is idle_happy AND CHAR2 faces right AND CHAR2 is blush
Just an example :slight_smile:

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Have you tried checking out Joseph Evans’ tutorials on YouTube? :wink:

And this: "List" of Helpful Threads :revolving_hearts:


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