I need help in coding!

I’m using flags that enables the reader to choose something that affects the story (remembering choices) but it doesn’t work and displays the first scene only and doesn’t display what’s after (elif). It was working but suddenly stopped!

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Maybe it’s because you don’t have the flag, have you checked out if the flag is active?

how can I check out if it’s active or not?

There are two ways of doing this, this one works for more people than the other one.

choice “choicname”{

Insert scene

gain choicename

insert scene here

gain choicename2

insert scene here

gain choicename3

if (choicename) {

} elif (choicename2) {

else {


The other method is the one I use though it’s unlikely to work for anyone :T

Providing your code would help

Moved to Directing Helps and Tips as this sounds like it is a coding/scripting issue and not a bug/glitch. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

What @RudeInception said, it would be helpful if you showed your script so we can try to spot the error :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody! It finally worked!:heart: