I need help in overlays

Guys does anyone know how to make poses as an overlay like in loco amor story (the legs the arms) and how to animate them?

You could just screenshot your character and cut out their limbs in an editing program.

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you mean custom poses?:

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Yes but when she do them she makes for example the legs overlay but the rest the original character not overlay

then she just animates the limbs overlays

How?? How to remove the original character legs and put the overlay and leave the rest of the body?

Usually by clever zooms so you do not see the hidden original limb.
Or you can also cut out part of the background to cover the original limb.
I dont knwo exactly what is in loco amor but mostly this are all custom poses - sometimes people do animate lips and eyes to make it look like animation and not frozen pose

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I do this fairly often in my story. It’s all just tricks of the eye. Here are two examples where I used different strategies:

In this one, I wanted it to look like Lila was sitting on the floor with her legs up. In reality, the character is standing, but it is at the bottom of the screen so her legs are cut off, and I uploaded an overlay of her legs up to her chest so it looks like she is sitting.

Here I have Emily standing holding a teapot. I actually have her doing the holding tray animation, and the entire arm and teapot is an overlay, with the teapot covering the actual character’s hand.

You just need to picture what you want the scene to look like in your mind, and find clever and creative ways to make it work! Play around with animations, zooms, and cropping to get your desired result.


The first one that I want , but how to do something like that on bed?? And thank you so much :two_hearts:

What exactly is the scene you’re trying to create?

images - 2020-12-28T191714.097

I want the legs like that

If I were you I would do almost exactly what I did in the first screenshot. Zoom into the shot so it cuts off basically where the blanket meet the character. Have the character in a standing animation, and create a bent leg overlay to put on top.

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Okay :purple_heart: I have one last question how to do the limbs overlays in good quality?

Find an animation that’s similar to what you’re looking for, any of the kneeling ones are probably a good place to start. Code it into your script, then go onto your phone and take screenshots. From there, make the edit using whatever program you like (I usually use ArtStudio Pro on my iPad, but there are tons out there), and then upload as an overlay!

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Okay thank you so so much :heart::heart:

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