I need help in placing my character

Hey, so I want to put a background and people in the tv and I really need help since I dont know how to do it. Thanks

You are going to need overlays, zooming, and layering. Not sure how they do it, so I will follow up on this one to.



Thanks so much!

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np. I luv yr profile picture. Who did it? (sorry to get off topic)

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You can use the same technique as how to make a reflection.

hahaha np, a girl named Shelby. you can find her on instagram her account is @shelby.epii

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awesome, thanks.

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Here’s a script of how I made it.

Here’s my overlay that I used. To use this overlay, you’ll need to upload it to your overlays.

That’s all! It’s pretty simple :smile:

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Thanks so much for ur help!

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Is there any chance you know how to add background in the tv with the character? If not thanks so much for ur help!

You’ll need to edit the original background. :smiley:

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Okay thanks so much

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Lol, I just practiced with this recently :laughing:

I just wanted to add on this <3

OK, to avoid layering problems (having characters appear out of the TV which never know may happen) you’ll need to layer the TV overlay at the highest layer and the characters at a lower layer so they go behind the TV.

How mine looks


I’m going to break it down (their overlay is called TV and mine is called TV SCREEN VIEWS, although you can name your overlay anything)

You’ll need to upload it into the overlays section as a PNG file (they’ve given you that so you’re lucky. For me, I had downloaded it right from Episode themselves and use LunaPic to take out the blue part of the TV so it’s transparent)
Once you do that, you’ll write a background (I used a fire one but you can use any) into your script and next to it, you’ll write the TV overlay at a higher layer than the characters.
Having the TV at a higher layer (higher number) than the characters means the TV overlay will be in front of them, which is what you want. You don’t want the TV at a lower layer (lower number) because that means the characters will stand in front of the TV
Then you can place your characters in the scene using spot directing and use zooming to zoom in on them.

Hope this makes sense and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! :black_heart:

Feel free to check out these helpful threads:

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Thanks so much !

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