I need help layering my character into this

@MIA 2 changes hair into Short Wavy Asymmetrical
@MIA 2 changes into MIA_NAKED
@MIA 2 moves to layer 5
@MIA 2 spot 1.280 160 -35 AND MIA 2 faces right

@MIA 2 spot 1.280 160 -35 in zone ? at layer 5. Try that.

didn’t work

I don’t really understand what you want.
Where should she be?

Are u using an overlay?

in the tub

no overlay

I dont think thats gonna work.

it’s a back ground on episode called that

I never used that one but In my opinion I think you should upload it to an overlay. I’m probably wrong but just a suggestion :woman_shrugging:t5:

You need an overlay. It won’t work otherwise.


This one by @christy_lovepisode


But the black is the only problem

you have to make the bubbles and bathtub into an overlay. otherwise the black is still going to be there. just using it as a background wont work in this case.