I need help logging out :(

Hey there! Hope you are having a lovely day so far!
I have a little problem. I recently logged into a different account on the portal, because it’s the account my friends and I write our story on together. I wanted to log out so I can go back to my personal account, but it won’t let me; I click the little profile thingy on the right, and when I click “log out” the small profile window disappears. Has anyone been having the same problem? I’d really appreciate some help!


Hey Luna! Have you logged out of your google account and episode account?
If so you use an Incognito window.


I tried, haha. Ooooooh gurl what’s an Incognito window? I apologize for my dumbness

Its a window that you can use where you can sign in but your history wont be savedI think.

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It worked, thanks!

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Of course!

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