I need help making a cover for a story I'm working on!

Okay guys.
So I have been working on a new story I plan on releasing soon. I’ve been so eager writing it, and the inspiration just keeps coming on naturally!
I only have one issue… I suck at making cover art! I would really like some help on creating one. I’m open to just accepting friendly suggestions and tips, but ideally, I would like to find someone who can help me make one. It would help a lot, and it would also mean a lot. I am willing to give credit anywhere you’d need me to. :slight_smile:
Once again, I do not wanna be too needy, so anything like suggestions (like programs or websites) will be greatly appreciated!! <3

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If you want to make edits then pixlr is good enough. I’ve used it for splashes,

Thank you! What would you recommend for making cover arts with the characters doing something different like hugging or something? I’m sorry that’s so vague, I don’t know how to explain it any better omg

I’m not really sure you can try Fire Alpaca or maybe pm somebody who works in an art shop.

Here are some apps/programs I recommend!

-IbisPaint X
-Autodesk Sketchbook
-Phonto (text)
-PicsArt (filters)
-InShot (filters)

-Pixlr E