I need help making a cover for my story


I absolutely don’t want to request a cover because I know exactly what I want butt

I want my cover to be edited but I need someone to help me with contour and highlights for my cover edit
i do basic outlines and outlines only i did one edit before it looked decent but that was before i learned to do any type of shading or contour


Episode Frost can!


I’m with @kennedy11, we’d love to help!


i said i don’t want to requestttt
i just someone to help me with making my own coverrrrrrrrrr


WHat do you need help with exactly?


I could give you a few tips if you want to PM me :woman_shrugging: :relaxed:


Oh sorry I didn’t read it


shading, contour,highlighting

and other stuff i can use idkk


Lol I have steps but it’s very complicated.


Can you send me a pic of what you are trying to contour and shade?


I can help!


can’t do it right now maybe soon idkk cause i’m using my mom’s computer
and my mom is evil
so i don’t have a phone and i never have i would use her phone but she is talking to my sister


Oh ok I can try showing you or my friend she cand show you she follows this girl.


omfgg that is goalsssssss


Thank you so much I realize the first one only has highlight but i can do any type of makeup.


still sooooooo cuteeeee


Thank you!


Hey babe, if you still need someone to help, feel free to PM and I’ll get it how you want it asap! :grin: