I need help making her type on the laptop!

I’m trying to have it look like she’s typing on the laptop. But I’m having a hard time! Can someone please help??? Note: I want her hands to be on the keyboard!

Here’s my script!

@cut to zone 2

@HAZEL spot 1.280 100 13 in zone 2
@HAZEL moves to layer 2 AND HAZEL faces right

@transition fade in black in 4

@HAZEL is yawn_bored

@speechbubble is 197 317 to 100% with tail_top_left
HAZEL (talk_think_neutral)
You know, since I have a little bit of time before school.
@speechbubble is 228 315 to 100% with tail_top_left
HAZEL (talk_excited_happy)
I’m going to look up that show Sarah was talking about yesterday!

@follow HAZEL to screen center in zone 3

@HAZEL walks to spot 1.280 88 3 AND HAZEL is walk_neutral_rear AND HAZEL faces right
@HAZEL is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND HAZEL spot 1.199 39 184 in zone 3
@HAZEL moves to layer 3
&zoom on 0 0 to 115% in 0

&overlay BLACK LAPTOP create
&overlay BLACK LAPTOP opacity 1
&overlay 6038138546683904_BLACK LAPTOP shifts to 3 245 in zone 3
&overlay 6038138546683904_BLACK LAPTOP scales to 0.468 0.468
&overlay 6038138546683904_BLACK LAPTOP moves to layer 3

@HAZEL is type_sit_neutral_loop

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I don’t know how to help…

@Dara.Amarie Can you help me?

OK, so the whole laptop is ONE overlay. Meaning if the screen covers her, so will the keyboard. If you put the laptop at a lower layer than her, the whole thing will be behind her. You can’t layer individual sections of an overlay, only the whole thing. You’ll have to get an overlay made of just the keyboard. You can get this done in the Art Resources category. You’ll also need to get limb overlays so the keyboard doesn’t cover her hands.

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:thinking: I’ve been staring at this, and I can’t think of a way to put the laptop over her lap but under her hands. :thinking:

Had me like:

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They can use limb overlays to help achieve this affect, forgot to mentioning that and edited it in, lol my mind’s so fuzzy from creating so many gifts :joy: :blob_sun:

Edit: Wait then she can’t type :scream: Well, she could if you went to the extreme to direct it :joy:

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So, should I ask someone to cut out the keyboard/bottom of the laptop on the Art Recourses?

You can use a different computer/laptop overlay instead :yay:

You can use the DESK OFFICE WOOD overlay from Episode as reference.

It would probably be too exhausting to make the keyboard into an overlay and then have to use limb overlays to aim for a typing affect. The keyboard will go over her body, including her hands so if she types well, her hands will be behind the keyboard.

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