I need help making my cover

Hi, I am trying to make my own cover, but I am having some difficulties. I wanted to take my character and put them on a background, but I don’t know how to delete the background when I screenshot my character. Do you know of any apps I could use to do this, or any other helpful tips to insert a character by making it into an image? Any advice would honestly help for making a good Cover. Thanks!

I can help you

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Superimpose is the easiest app to use to cut out backgrounds


If you send me a the picture I can cut it out for you… just pm me it… I don’t mind helping

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Okay thank you so much! I will get a screenshot right now to send.

Sounds good and I’ll cut it and send it right back

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the best way to do this is to go into characters section on the website, save that picture, then find a website that does transparent backgrounds. it like what @ChayChay said but so much simpler

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sorry its taking a while Im just deciding on an outfit.

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Thank you! This helped.

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U can use eraser

If you have a MacBook, then screenshot your pic, go to your desktop and click on it then click on the marker sign, and then the wand…



The wand symbol

and select what you don’t want and press delete…

Simple, right? No? Okaaay. :sweat_smile:

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Thank you, I was able to figure everything out!