I need help naming my story

ok so i’m currently writing a story, (i’ve only done the first episode so far) but i already know what’s gonna happen and i have it all planned out its is a kidnap story (it’s not a cliché romance story where the they fall in love or whatever) it’s just a drama and i don’t wanna call it “kidnapped” because that’s kinda basic anyway i just don’t know what to name it😂


Title Ideas:

  • Away From Home
  • Stuck With You
  • Keeping Me Hostage
  • Captured By Him/Her
  • Captured
  • Abducted
  • Home Abduction

Alone from home
Fear of the Monster
Escape Silently


I love romances​:unamused::unamused:!
But not the cliche ones
I like drama tho…

i just meant she doesn’t fall in love with the kidnapped, i didn’t mean there was no romance at all😂

I will definitely check that out!!!
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You could have a simple name like Gone or Captured :slight_smile:

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i followed you, my name is just Ezrie on episode

It doesn’t say you followed me? What colour is my hair in my profile avatar?


Here are some title ideas:
The Stranger
Taken Away
Freedom Denied
Because Of You
Help Me
If Only


No, it’s black. You might have followed the wrong person.

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