I need Help! Need help with story description!

Help! I need help for my story description. So my story is about that the main characters parents got murdered and 12 years later she realizes that her family had connections with criminals and that they did crimes. So her and 3 people together make crimes and one is a love interest. That is mysterious and they eventually fall for each other.

How about:
Your parents were murdered
12 years later you found out some shocking news
You and a group make crimes
What happens when you fall in love with one


yh thats short enough.

How about something like…?

For 12 years, you believed that your parents were murdered. Turns out they had connections with dangerous criminals. So you and three friends head out and start committing crimes too. Your passion for crime soon turns into love for a certain special someone.

Just a rough idea, you can always change it up a bit.

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