I need help on Character walking position


I can’t quite figure out of other authors make their characters enter from the center to the spot. position.
I try to have my character enter from the center (while in rear) to the position, not from right or left
I tried to these but it’s really not helping me. :confused:
&CASSIE is rear
@CASSIE walks to spot 0.435 211 220
@CASSIE walks to spot 0.435 211 220 AND CASSIE is rear
(I know there’s only right and left but I just wanted to try it out… it didn’t work…)
@CASSIE is rear
@CASSIE enters from center to spot 0.435 211 220

Plus, many ways but I was unable to have her enter or walk from the center to the spot. direct.
Can anyone please help me?


If you’re trying to make it look like someone’s entering from the bottom of the screen, you’d need to spot place your character offscreen in line with where you want them to enter before you start. Then walk them to the spot and it should look like they walk in a straight line


I tried doing that but shes just pop up in the screen…


Try adding in the seconds it takes to get to the center?


OH, MY GAWD Thank you!!
I’m so dumb I forgot the seconds :sweat_smile:


Lol, I do that all the time


Topic moved to Directing Helps and Tips since it involves coding/scripting. :wink:


&CASSIE spot 3.560 160 -3.560
&zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@cut to zone 1
@transition fade in black in 2
@CASSIE walks to spot 0.435 211 220 in 4 AND CASSIE does it while walk_neutral_rear AND CASSIE faces left THEN CASSIE is idle_rear

Her spotting numbers may not be correct, I just wrote something by head.