I need help on creating a nightclub scene

Hi, and I’m going to put in a nightclub scene in my story and I would like to know how many characters should I put in the background. If anybody knows, then please let me know.

hi! I don’t really have an exact number for you but what I do is I just play around with the characters and keep adding more until I think it looks like there’s enough. I also think it depends on the background you’re using. Maybe a range could be like 5-7 characters in a zone?

What background are you trying to use?

I’m using INT. CLUB BAR.

Okay, then I suppose it matters how busy of a club it’s supposed to be. Is it like a super crowded night or a slower one, etc?

It’s a super crowded night.

Do you need help with placing people, or just someone to look at what you have and see if it looks right?

I need a little help placing people.

Okay, sure. I like helping with that! Just let me know the things you for sure want, like “bar stools are full” or “make sure people are at the tables above”, etc.

Or whatever you need help with! I’m here.

I’ll need two people sitting at the bar and I’ll also need some people dancing as well. Last but not least, I’ll need a bartender by the bar.

It’s probably gonna take me a little bit, but I’m working on it! Let me know if you have any more specifics and I’ll make sure to include them.

Male bartender or female?

It doesn’t matter.

Are you going to be focusing in on anyone sitting down or at the bar, or will your characters be dancing? I don’t want to cover up where they’ll be and mess you up.

I started in the back and I’m working my way forward:

Thanks, but I need some people dancing next to the stairs.

Yes, I understand. I just wanted to check in before I continued.

Also, I’m going to need an overlay for the bar counter.

Yeah, I already placed all the overlays. I just haven’t done the dancers in the foreground yet.