I need help on how to code a live stream?

Hi, I stopped coding for months now and I basically forgot everything about it, so if anyone knew a way to code a live stream (in instagram) where comments pop up etc etc i’d appreciate the help. I need the comments t pop up while my character is talking too ') any tips about live chat coding will be useful :))


I figured maybe this author could help/teach you if they have the time(?) since they’ve already coded a scene like that.^
I apologize to them if they don’t appreciate me bringing them up.

This might also help you.^

I can’t really offer my help because I just don’t have the time rn. Sorry. :skull: I’m flat out trying to get my story ready for the contest. I wish you luck with your story tho!


No problem! :heart_eyes: I’ll be glad to help the OP.

Basically, what I did was create a few text overlays with comments from random users watching the livestream. I made the text white so that it’d be easier to read while appearing on top of the character doing the livestream, and also gave the commenters ‘usernames’ in bold.
Then, I made the text overlay scroll up by using the &overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to x x in seconds command so that the comments would move up and display new ones.
Since there were a lot of comments, I made 2 different text overlays and removed the first one before displaying the second one.
I hope that explanation was useful!


ohh so what i got is u made a bunch of comments as one overlay? so smart “) i made each comment as an individual overlay it’s painful to code… but thank you that really helped

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thank you sm this actually helped a lot

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No worries!

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