I need help on how to do this

I was wondering how some stories have that effect where things are spinning and moving. What I mean by that is when text comes of from the screen to the screen but spinning. Also when the text starts to fade seems really cool to do to, so how can I do that. One more then I need help knowing how to make the character have different tattoos when reading the story not like an art scene. What I mean by that is when you have your character stand and he’s just standing and someone other person just starts staring at the character and you put tattoos on that character but it would go away not like the episode tattoos.


How do I make the text Overlays

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You make them

To make overlays I use google drawings and insert the text I want and save them as png docs. Then go to overlays in interactive and upload the overlay. To rotate it you need to rotate it at a point of axis- this is explained more in the overlay guides where they tell you how to do this.

“How do I make text Overlays?”

“You make them.”

Sis I’m sorry but- SKJSKSKSKS :skull::skull:

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This might help: :tulip:

Thank you so much for the ones who EXPLAINED to me on how to make the overlays.