I need help on my story

Hey guy!
So im new to this whole thing and I was wondering if someone could help me code my story. I already found one coder who can help but when that person’s not I need someone else to help code I also would like it if someone would be a co-auther with this because I need as much help as it gets so I’ll tell you what the story is about when you reply,

Ooh and I’m also doing a character contest for what the main characters’ sister, Blair. So if anyone wants to enter it let me know so I can show what to do

Thanks loves

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i can help you i have my link to help you here it is

I can help you if there are any errors in your script, or with music / sounds :kissing_heart:
just pm me and I’ll respond!!

I can help with creating characters and coding. PM me if I can help!

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