I need help on overlays

Hi guys. I’m trying to have my character sit at a the chairs to the left of this picture. I’m not sure how the overlays would work and where to get them? Do I have to photoshop it out? (image link is below)


You would need to get a table overlay and the chair in front of it

I hope this helps💕

thank you for replying. do you know how I’m supposed to get that specific table?

You can ask someone to make it an overlay for you or if you know the creator of the background they might have the overlays all ready created

ok, thank you!

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Hi I made the overlays💕
(If they don’t they they come out as a png use https://www.remove.bg/ to remove background and make them to a png)

Also I’m sorry they’re not the best💕

image image

omg thank you so much :heart:
Do you want me to credit you? Also, can you tell me how you did that? I wanna learn :slight_smile:

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No credit needed💕

I just used sticker maker app and outlined the thing that I wanted to have as an overlay then I used https://www.remove.bg/upload to remove the background and make it into a png. Also I do this when I make blankets for beds.


okay, thank youu

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