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Can anyone help me with this? I already spent hours trying to figure this out. I want the character to run from zone 1 to zone 3. However, the panning starts from the middle of zone 1 not from the start when I preview it. (The other I did worked on starting from the very start of zone 1 but stops at zone 2 ). The camera is zoomed in while panning because I want to transition from one scene to another continuously. And another problem, my character arrives late. Supposedly the character should run while the camera is following her. I hope this made sense. Just starting my first story.

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[Here’s a drawing what the scene should be]

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&CHARACTER walks to spot ----- in zone 3 And CHARACTER does it while animation
&zoom on — to % in 0
&pan to zone 3

you should try this :point_up_2:t3:

first cut to zone 1 and zoom - this is the starting point.

than cut to zone 3 spot the character in final spot - you will most likely need to use focus to set the zoom on place you want it to be.

this way would will have position and zoom on start and position and zoom for end of the walking

then delete the second cut (we used it just for setting the right spot and zoom

&cut to zone 1
&zoom (for zone 1) in 0
@CHAR spot (for zone 1)
&pan to zone 3 in 2
&zoom (foz zone 3) in 2
@CHAR walks to spot (for zone 3) in 2 AND CHAR does it while walkanimation

if she would do it like that than the pan and zoom would start only after the walking will end.

to make more commands happen together there is one rule all lines with &happen witg @ or dialogue UNDER it (you have it vice versa)

im pretty sure what i wrote is correct too as i use the same commands and it works for me :woman_shrugging:

if you would have & at the character walking then yes but with @ it will not happen together.

Thanks. Although I didn’t get to fix the panning from the very start of zone 1. I changed my plan for the scene. :heart:

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