I need help on religion representation

Howdy episodians, so I have a male main character that’s half Indian and half white and I wanted the father to Be Indian. I feel like there’s not a lot of Asian male main characters (And I chose him to be half white because I literally know nothing about the Indian culture so I just tried to balance it ): ) Now keep in mind I want to make the dad a Sikh, I wanted a important character to Be religious ( yes I know there’s other places Sikhs come from other than India ) And The father is going to wear a white turban and I was doing my research and it said on google that different coloured turbans represent different meanings. Do you think people would be offended if I write a character who’s Sikh but doesn’t know anything about it. And can someone tell me any tips on how to write a character that’s Sikh?


Hey, I can help you. I’m a Sikh so if you have any questions feel free to ask me :wink:

So, I actually don’t mind if you write about a Sikh character (doing research is also a good way of going about it). In terms of personality, we all have different types but we share the same religion (ofc)

And OK, so I may not be the best at this but I’ll answer what I can :laughing: And that would be cool, I’d love to read your story 'cause I’ve never seen a Sikh character on Episode before :thinking:

OK, when it comes to the color of turbans=

Tbh I never thought much about this.
Red is usually for weddings (although I’ve seen it be worn out of weddings as well)
Navy Blue and Orange are our religious colors, and they’re usually worn at religious events, but not always (I mean I always see them be worn by the leaders of this event, but sometimes not the people who come to these events, not always).
Tiny fun fact-when we have parades, my mom tells me to wear a blue or orange or yellow shirt but not every parent does this, we’re all raised differently : )

From what I’ve seen, I would say blue is the most common color (my grandpa wore a blue one almost everyday) although he had different colors.
I’ve seen him wear green, purple, white, black, orange (2nd most common for him) etc.
When it comes to this, usually it’s worn out of fashion or just 'cause they want to wear that color or for a religious purpose.
Fashion reason = they wear it to match their clothes, so it looks stylish
I don’t care reason = it’s whatever, they’ll just pick the color they want to
Religious reason = blue or orange colors are usually worn for this
Another one I’ve mentioned above already: red for weddings is so common :hibiscus:

And yeah, the colors most likely do have meanings but I’d need to consult with my parents on this who know more (or the internet) :blush:

But not everything on the internet is right, they gave a fake birthday for one of our gurus :roll_eyes:

OK, so I hope this helps and ask anything else you would like! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you so much that made everything easier! :grin: the internet wasn’t really helpful oof.

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No problem and omg Episode doesn’t have a color in navy blue and orange (the two main colors associated with our religion) but they have other colors :thinking: Episode, how could you miss out on the most important 2 colors? :joy:

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