I need help on something

So I keep getting this warning every time I try to play my story. It doesn’t affect anything so far. All it does is show up every time I test my story and I’m worried if it will affect my story. Can someone help me figure out what this means?


this happens when you have in code command for an overlay which is not created on scene.

You probably forgot the create command for that overlay but you have some other commands like for example shift…

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idk… that happens to me too sometimes and like I definitely place my overlays. im not sure what causes it, but regardless the overlays seem to still show up like they were coded to. probably a glitch

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This is my script


Did other people find your story fine? Like it never glitch for other people when they read your story?

In your script you have GIF 02 but in the error message it says GIF02. So somewhere in your script you have GIF02, so find that and just add the space between the name.

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Oh, I found the error. Thank you!! :blush:

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