I need help on the music or audio

Ok so the music or the audio is frustrating me when ever I try to add it in the story. First I use it in safari it doesn’t work then I go to chromes and it works then when I add audio again it doesn’t work in chrome so when I go to safari the audio doesn’t work so I went to the episode app and played my story and there it works. But when I update the stories the audio doesn’t work ?! I need help does this mean that the audio is there even though I hear it or not because one time it plays the other time it doesn’t ?! And sometimes an audio plays in a scene but then the other audio doesn’t play ?How do I know it works ?

My webrowsers are chrome and safari but I use chrome for the audio , how do you add your audio In the story ?


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Is the audio working on the app?

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

I just hope it plays perfectly when I publish it
Have any of you had the same problem ?

I couldn’t hear the music but then I realised my phone was on mute😂

Ya mine isn’t on mute…but what web browser do u use for the episode stories?

I use chrome but I’ve been having previewer issues for long so I can only preview on the app.

So you have the same issues ?

No I haven’t. My previewer doesn’t work in general, but on the app everything is fine.

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Ok thx tho !

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As far as I know, chrome is the main browser supported by the portal. I haven’t gotten sound to work on any browser other than chrome, so I just always use chrome for working on stories.

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Ya I figured chrome only works on my computer thx !

I use chome and never had this issue.

Are you 100% sure your code is right and your sound is on?

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Yes thank you very much ! I figured that this problem with chrome only happens when im on a small device like an iPad so it works when I use my Pc . :heart:

ah OK.:slight_smile:

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