I need help on this code!

Howdy guys!
I’m trying to figure out what is wrong with my code. Can someone help me out!

Here is a picture of my screen:

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Eek pay no attention to that q in the transition command, I fixed that and it’s not the problem

try this instead

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Nope still an error

oh get rid of the bracket in line 1997 then?

You wrote NARR instead of NARRATOR

Line 1992: you didn’t write “is”

You forgot the word “choice” before line 1968


You can write NARR instead of NARRATOR!


I never knew that! You learn something new everyday.

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Thank you @Dara.Amarie and @EtherealWitch for the help! That was exactly the issue!

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@EtherealWitch or @Dara.Amarie what does this mean? I got another thing that only pops up when I preview my story on the app.

It looks like you misspelled your overlay name. You wrote AME BUTTERLIES. Did you mean to put BUTTERFLIES?

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Yes thank you!
Sorry I am running on low sleep…

I really appreciate it!

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