I Need Help On This Scene I'm Stuck On

Okay, so I’m stuck on a pirate raid scene. I don’t know what comes next!!!


Camera is on the explode scene when the cannons are fired, and zooms out quickly then it goes to civilians fighting, and…woman running with her baby…THAT’S IT. ;.; eeeeekkkk i mean I have everything planned, but like i feel like im missing something…

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One of these?:

  • She hides in a cupboard under the deck and watches something big happen
  • She’s hiding and then her baby cries and gives them away
  • The ship suddenly tilts to one side, it’s starting to sink
  • A hero comes out and fights all the pirates away

I’m not really sure :blue_heart:

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Hm, not sure about these ones but good try!! Hm…

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I have an idea:
The woman is running with her baby (if she is in a forest) she finds something (weapon, sword) she puts the baby on the ground and goes to fight with the pirates. She goes to the baby (maybe you can make it like it’s missing, if you want to add some more drama) and and grabs it. They find a boat and get out of there.


I’m not really sure…I will try to think of another ideas. :heart:

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What do you think @lanafrazer_episode

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Not sure.

Okay, so once the cannons are fired and hit the builings and stuff, and civilans and pirates are fighithing, the woman running with her baby, hm.

!, wait, I could include some pirates running after civilians while the cannons balls are stillcoming in. Im getting inspiration from this: yeah, ill probably do that and move on, i dont want to stay on this scene forever. XD

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