I need help on this type of speech bubble?

So I have been stumped on this type speech bubble. I don’t know what it is called. It is like a narration bubble that would slide down from the top of the screen from your phone? It is a narration bubbles that moves on its own? I have been trying to put that in my script but I don’t know the commands for it. I can’t find it in the original forum nor youtube. I looked up “moving speech bubbles” but it only shows me tutorials on how to place speech bubbles, which is not what I’m looking for. :frowning:


It’s a reader message. The code is
And then you type in whatever you want it to say after that code.


@writingwithwings is right.

An example would be:

@LILY walks to spot 0.890 75 23

readerMessage Previous choices you’ve made have led to this.

(I only used spot directing to show it is on its own line rather than a speech line. If that makes sense.)


From what I know, there are 4 different types of “speech bubble” uses.

First, is the most basic. It’s used when characters are speaking. The format is:

Insert speech 

An example is:

    JENNY (talk_exhausted)
Today took a lot out of me.

The next is the use of text boxes. This speech bubble has no tails, and is most often used to create announcements, send messages, or to speak as the narrator. The format is:

An example is:

Jenny starred down the street. She knew that this was not over.


Next is the use of text boxes with a characters name. This is most often used for conveying a character’s thought, when characters outside of the scene/zone speak, and various other things. The format is:

Insert Text

An example is:


Lastly is a “notification button” that rises at the bottom of the screen. This is used to explain the outcome of choice results, notifications, and various other things. This is used more as a pop-up message as opposed to a speech line. It lasts for 5 seconds. The format is:

readerMessage (insert message)

An example is:

readerMessage Kristian will remember this.

Just thought I would consider mentioning that reader messages now pop up from the top of the screen!


Thank you @alyssaaa!! I wasn’t aware of this :slight_smile:

So I found this helpful to a certain extent.I understand the text box for the Narrator/Character speaking outside of the scene, but i also want her to be in the scene if that makes sense. So I want her to be taking like SHE’S telling the story but I want the reader’s to see her in the scene that she’s talking about. Please help :’)

So you want the Narrator bubble, but like your character’s the one talking?
Then you do this:

This is something I would say.

Where in brackets you put the name of your character.
You place your character in the scene regardless of the narrator text.

You’ll get a narration bubble, but instead of “Narrator” you’ll have your character’s name.

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Yeah I get that part, but I also want her to be crying. So I put

ZARA (cry_sob_loop)

And it tells me that there’s an error? Says that You can’t have on character immediately following another.
I have no idea :sleepy:

Try this:

&ZARA starts cry_sob_loop
Whatever you want her to say.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: