I need help, on writing tips!



Hi, i am a new writer. I know most speech bubble tricks, but i can’t for the life of me find out how to get that tiny speech bubble that pops up at the top. if anybody can help, that’d be AMAZING!



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readerMessage [the message]


In one of the featured episode story (with a celebrity), there is a readermessage and then someone’s face on the side. Anyone know how to do that


Are you talking about the Cameron Dallas story? That type of reader message is only exclusive just for that story.


If it’s a feature story than its most likely an edit saved for Episode creators


You can create an overlay that looks like a reader message and add a face on it, then shift it from the top like a reader message and after a few seconds (reader messages go after 5 seconds) that would look pretty much like you described… Even though you can’t use the actual feature, you can do something like this.


Great idea!


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