I need help! Overlay

So i have this overlay but i cant remove the bg can anyone help me with it

You can remove the background here:

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if you have this only as jpg the background cant be removed fully since the overlay is transparent and you cant cut it out… look for the png verdion of this overlay


Use the website that the person above me sent you. I use it for my overlays and it really helps!

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this will not remove it in the partly transparent parts of the overlay

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I think it only works with a white background

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Also if you want it to go from jpg to png you need to use a converter. I suggest cloudconvert.com

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or with solid border between what should be cut out.

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you need to download it as png from the page - the button in the upper right corner:
(you need to be signed in this page)

Also this page has licence limitations so make sure you do not violate author tight by using this image.

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Ah ok

It’s png and it’s not working :confused:

then they did wrongly the png on that page - but you cant use this one anyway it requieres credit via writing the webpage and episode is not alowing writing references to other webpages

Oh ok :frowning: guess I have to find another one

I am looking and it keeps failing says it doesnt recognize :confused:

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Maybe this night help?
It’s not exactly the same obviously, but I just made it so perhaps it’ll do…

It’ll only send as a jpeg here, so if you DM me an email address, I can send it there.

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Ok will do

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