I need help picking a tittle!

  • Ocean Daze
  • Deep end
  • Discovering Fins
  • Mysterious depths

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Btw the story will be about Mermaids & Mermans ect


Please vote for this person. I can’t because I can’t decide between Mysterious Depths and Ozean Daze…



haha same because i’m stuck on those two!

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Now, after a little thinking, I think I would choose ocean daze…
Mysterious depths sounds amazing, but I thinnk Ocean Daze would be more unique… :thinking:idk :sweat_smile:, because the word “mysterious” is used very often in titles (I think).

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Wait UR RIGHT!!!

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I’m glad you think so :sweat_smile:

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I think ocean daze is good or unless you’ve already chosen a title.

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