I need help placing OVERLAY

Hi, there are a few things that might cause the overlay to not appear.

  1. Have you uploaded the blood overlay with the exact name “BLOOD OVERLAY 01”? Because there’s no blood overlay in default.
  1. If you had this chunk exactly in your coding, it would not work. X here meant to be the horizontal coordination of the placement (0-320), while Y represents the vertical coordination of the placement (0-500 I think?).

Yeah, I know. :smiley: jejeje
I didn’t put X or Y in the script. It was just the example. I put the numbers. But I can’t see the overlay in the preview.

Yes, I did.

I will try that. Thanks

well in general the problem can be actually in the numbers. :slight_smile: if you didnt use the copuy button and just write it down easily some mistake can happen.

also other reason why you do not see it might be layers…if you have more overlays it can be hidden by some other on higher level…better make printscreen of your code - we can than look where the roblem might be

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The overlay is suppose to appear in the preview… I don’t have more overlays in the script at the moment. Look

You didn’t add the scales command or the shift command, plus you’re in zone 2 which means your overlay is still in zone 1 because you didn’t add the shift command with the zone number.

when you are in preview - tap the directing heper and then overlay helper - if you have more overlays there cycle the overlays till the preview marks it (below the preview vindow) than drag it to the right…it is in zone 1 sou you need firt to pull it to zone vhere is the “camera” tnak palce it and scale it to desired place and size.

Than copy the coordinates but after the shift domand you hve to add the zone you want the overlay to be

so something like

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to 30 15 in zone 2

something is wrong…

Remove the to in front of the word “shifts”

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I did it… my bad.

also the 30 15 was just some random numgers you shloud copy the real numbers once you have the overlay on the desired place

Read up on this guide to learn more about overlays: Placing & Animating Overlays

ok baby, I know that… but the overlay it doesn’t appear in the preview when I save the new script. I already try with another overlay and it happened the same. Take a look.

1 ) set the opacity to 1 to make it visible :slight_smile:
@overlay BLANKET 4 opacity 1 in 0

Than use the directing helper in preview - do you know how?

You scaled your overlay to 400. That’s WAY too big. Did you mean to do 4.0?

Do yu know how to use this:?

I already solve it… thank you!!!

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