I need help placing this overlay

I can’t see my overlay!!! I even tried moving the overlay but I couldn’t see it at all! Can someone please help me with this! I would really appreciate it.


Yeah but with my other overlays I can see them just fine on the screen.

If you’re planning on using overlays with INT. BLACK - DAY it’s honestly just better to upload your own black background as overlays have problems and don’t always work when it comes to those backgrounds.

Oh…so should I draw a desk with a computer on it, and then put my COMPUTER SCREEN on the computer?

Ha ha sorry about that, I have a black background here if you’d like to use it:

Sure, if that’s what you’re going for :heart:

overlays for some reason do not work on the black backgrounds from episode.

Where it says
@overlay COMPUTER SCREEN opacity 1
You need to add on in 0

@overlay COMPUTER SCREEN opacity 1 in 0

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