I need help please- [closed case]

Maybe it’s stupid and easy to fix but I really don’t know how and I’ve been crying about that lmao :sob: :skull:

Can you paste the code so I can see if I get the same issue?

What’s after Bella?

I think its the bella one line 2099. all the letters are big so it think its a person not a sentence. leave ! or something after it

also emojies dosent work. they wont show in the app

    BELLA (yawn_bored)
Do you have my breakfast ready or..?
    MOM (talk_agree_happy)
Yes, over here.

@MOM is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@MOM starts idle_cup_neutral_loop
@overlay 6244746488250368_SALAD shifts to 112 243 in zone 2
@overlay 6244746488250368_SALAD scales to 0.136 0.136
@pause for 0.4
@BELLA starts react_shocked_awe
music off
sound gasp_female
@pause for 0.4
MOM (talk_cup_worried)
Uhm… [NAME]?
sound crickets_fade
@pause for 2
MOM (talk_cup_worried)
Earth to [NAME]?
sound crickets_fade
@pause for 2
MOM (talk_cup_sad)
She must have froze… oh no…
MOM (talk_cup_happy)
Oh well.
@MOM starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear
@overlay 6244746488250368_SALAD shifts to 250 234 in zone 1
@pause for 0.3
@MOM starts scream_angry AND BELLA is fall
| bold , animation:flash:4 , color:red , outline:black |THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!!
BELLA (fall)

@MOM is eyeroll_sarcastic

Bella is actually a person

Maybe it’s because you used | bold | not |bold|. I’m not sure, though.

I think the issue is that the line OH IEGNIEHJ I DIED is in all caps as someone else said, and also, you shouldn’t use an emoji in the text because it will come out weird.

Okay, I deleted some of the caps and it’s fixed now, thank you thank you thank you :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

You could also just add an exclamation mark at the end, it’ll recognize it as a line that way too. It’s up to you.

I know it was the text under it

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