I need help please help me!

Hello! So i was writting my story and when i clicked review it wouldnt let me review it. Can someone tell me what this error means and what i can do to review my story??

Sadly, since the new update the previewer has experienced a lot of problems, all we can do now is just be patient for a bug fix! :frowning:

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@GrxavityBae, go ahead and submit a help ticket to the support team about this issue. :smiley:

So I just have to wait for episode to fix this issue?

are you using chrome?


oh okay. its probably just the same issues everyone has been having lately then. just save and then refresh and that should get it working hopefully. at least its a temporary fix.

i refreshed 2 times but it still doesnt let me preview :frowning:

did you try to exit back to the main screen and then go back in? if that doesnt work, id submit a ticket and use your phone or tablet to preview for now. :frowning:

yes i tried it. I waited some time and i clicked preview but its still an error. I guess I’ll use my phone. Thanks tho :slight_smile:

yw, good luck. submit that ticket tho!

Try restarting your device, I know this seems annoying but it worked after I did it.

That happened to me on chrome, I went to use another software like firefox and it worked, I waited for a while and it worked back on chrome. But most of the time I just close the whole thing and open it back up, It should work