I need help please with promoting my story!


I’ve written my first story on episode and it only got few views! :expressionless: I need some advice on how to promote it! Thanks!:heart:


Ask people for read4reads. You read their storys and they yours :slight_smile:


Have you made an episode instagram? If not, you should and if you have, great! Posting sneak peeks of new chapters and posting everytime you upload new chapters will help people find your story and make them want to read it if you’re posting frequently :blush:


It takes a while to get views. I know that other authors might’ve gotten views faster but I certainly didn’t. I got 160 views on a story- in a year. Some of those really popular authors with a lot of reads had to wait a long time for the reads to start coming in. Tip: You should put your story link in your profile, that way, if people check out your profile, most likely they will check out your story!
It would help to have an insta, but I don’t think I personally will ever have one.
The thing that you really want to do is have your readers go past your first episode. You can do this by making your story as good as you can make it- and make it suspenseful after each episode so that readers will go to the next episode.
Here’s what attracts readers: A good cover, and a great description. I read stories without covers, because that doesn’t matter to me as much, but for me, the description is all that matters. A lot of readers will pass by your story if you have no cover and the description is terrible, filled with spelling errors and everything like that.
Doing read-for-reads helps, but sometimes the other person doesn’t read your story, or only reads the first episode.
I think story reviews helps the most for a story, because, if I see a good review (or even a bad one) I always wanna check out the story to see if the author changed anything. Also, it really helps you improve the story, so that more people will go on not only to read the first episode, but the whole thing. I used to do reviews but it got so stressful I had to stop. But if you want, I could review you story.
Most importantly, having choices will help. A lot of readers come to episode for the choices, because that’s what episode is all about. People like complicated choices, but just having a lot of simple ones will help your story.
What’s your story? I’d like to read it. :revolving_hearts::+1:


Thank you very much for your advice!:heart:
As for my story, it’s called “Identical”
This is the cover:

And here’s the link:

Thanks :heart: :heart:


ok, I will give it a read!


I’ll try to do it! Thank you❤


Thank you❤


Thanks! :heart:


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