I need help , please!

So I changed the scene and added characters to it, Like this " INT. PHOTOSHOOT OL - DAY
@pan to zone 2 in 3
&MOM spot 0.772 165 247
&MOM faces left
&PHOTOGRAPHER spot 0.840 81 165
&PHOTOGRAPHER faces right "

But the characters only appear after the camera stops, How can I make them like , be there before the camera?

(SORRY for the bad english , it’s not my first language!!!)

&MOM spot 0.772 165 247 in zone 2 and MOM faces left
&PHOTOGRAPHER spot 0.840 81 165 in zone 2 and PHOTOGRAPHER faces right
@pan to zone 2 in 3

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Thank you soooo much! :heartpulse:

You can put the lines of the Mom and the photographer in the same line :grin:

I break it up for the sake of cleaner coding, but yes that is another way to do it.

No problem <3

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