I need help please

Not sure how to fix this problem
Can someone help?

Hey, @Mulasia!

The problem is that you haven’t used a curly bracket, and that the choice isn’t following a dialogue. Try writing it like this instead:

       Insert dialogue here.


“Doesn’t matter, go meet Linda”{

If dialogue is unnecessary, you can always put in a ‘…’ However, choices must always follow a dialogue.

Hope this helped!

I’m sorry but i still don’t understand this is my first time editing online and I’m so confused🤦🏾‍♀️ Could you write it for me?

Yeah, sure. I’m using Mulasia as the character since she’s the one I see in your script. So it should look like:


“Doesn’t matter, go meet Linda”{

And then you can continue your story.

Try this and let me know if it works.

Thanks that works!:slight_smile: Can you help me with this too​:sob:

Have you created the character MULASIA??

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Yeah, I can see what’s wrong.

Right above the dialogue, you’ve written choice but you haven’t actually given one. All you have to do is actually add the choice.

Try this:

          Go back to his hotel?


          I'll come.

There ya go!

I understand that you’ve just started out with your first story, but I strongly recommend going through these guides before you continue. Not only will it help you out in coding and writing your story, but it’ll also be a lot less time consuming once you’ve learnt how everything works.

Good luck! xx