I need help resizing a background and editing it!

Hello Episodian artists!

I really need help resizing this background.

I tried to uploaded, but it says that, is not the appropriate size. Also, i want a version of the same background with the lights on, if it possible, you know, a day one, and a night one.

Could somebody help me, please?

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Here’s a website for resizing your background

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But the light is on

anyway I can resize it

I assume you meant a night version of it here you go

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thank you very much girl!

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Happy to help

Hi again Line.

Would you mind resizing this one too? I tried to do it with the tool @Kimorah recomended, but is not doing it :sob: please and thank you.

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Yeah . it is copyright free right?

Yes, that one is from pixel bay

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okay. i just like to ask

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totally understandable :blush:

I’m uploading it and it says that the dimensions are not the appropriate ones :sob:

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Thank you very much girl!

Much alright!

Really thats strange.

I properly send you the wrong. the one there had not be resized. sorry

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Where did you get that gym background? Could I use it? Who would I credit?


Both backgrounds are from Pixabay, but my friend changed the locker color, they were brown, so she made them blue,:blush::blue_heart: you can credit Pixabay for the background and her, (@storiesbyraven) for the edition​:blush::ok_hand:

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