I need help rotating my limb overlay for my character

hello! so I’m having trouble rotating my limb overlay which is this here
Art Catalog_ Overlays and 13 more pages - Profile 1 - Microsoft​ Edge 4_7_2021 4_12_33 PM
And I’m trying to make it move from here

To here

But every time I would try to do that it would either rotate on a different part of the screen or it would rotate from a different part of the screen and move to the position I want it
and I’m trying to make it stay where it is and rotate here. Could anybody help me please?

You probably need to get the points of where the elbow is so it doesn’t move with the arm, and instead the arm goes down.

Maybe either try to get the points of the elbow or use the same overlay and resize it to where the elbow is in the middle so you can rotate it at 0.5 0.5?

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Okay I tried resizing it so I could rotate it at 0.5 0.5 but every time I would resize it, it would rotate at the bottom left off the screen :grimacing:

Maybe the canvas width and height weren’t the same? Just in case, I downloaded your overlay and tried it myself. I made sure the elbow was in the middle and made the canvas wxh a square.

Try and see if it works with this one.

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Alright thank you I will try this

Alright I’m back and I tried it and it worked thank you vary much!

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No problem! :blob_hearts:

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