I need help! Someone help me

I don’t understand what is wrong with my Episode app. I keep getting this message (show in pic). I’ve deleted it twice and redownloaded it and updated it once. Someone please tell me why I can’t read any stories.


Maybe you have some problem with your internet connection! I had this message before too…

I dont know how to help, but a lot of people have had this problem lately

My internet connection is awesome. Has always been. I just wanna read some stories. Instead I get that message

That sucks

Maybe did you have a problem with your log in on your account ? You know when you log in to read your stories…


Then I sorry I don’t really have idea… :confused:

It’s cool

You could always try and turn your wifi off and then back on again, mine does it sometimes.

If you have data you could try turning off wifi and trying using the app with data and see if the error still comes back.

Don’t use wifi

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Don’t use wifi. All I have is data