I need help spot directing my overlay

I need help every time I try to adding an overlay in my story, I can never see it even when I try and spot direct it

Are you setting it up like this

@overlay OVERLAY NAME create
@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 0

If you can’t see it there’s a chance it’s off the camera so I’d either zoom out of the background or move the overlay using the portal tools!

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I had the same problem the other day, if your overlay has an AND in the name it won’t show up. Apparently the script reads it as the & command

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As @/Baleigh_episode said- You have to zoom out and move the overlay.

And still, if the overlay doesn’t appears… reload the page!

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Okay I will try that thanks

I did zoom out to look for it and I still couldn’t find it

Okay thanks I will keep that in mind

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Is it in the right layer? You can use the portal tools to move it forward.

Also, if you can send a screenie of what it’s telling you we can all help a bit more.

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