I need help starting a story please help me!

Hi, I’m Kia and I really need help on getting started for my story but I don’t know what to put in.

The story is about a girl called Kiara got bullied all her life and finally chooses to take over her dad’s business, becoming the new greatest gang leader of all history. Along the way Kiara gets kidnapped by another gang leader called Joseph who is their biggest enemy, they will fall in love with each other without Joseph know Kiara existed until the truth comes out.

Please help me!!! Instagram account: kia_epsiode2004 (Anything is a good idea)

Maybe start it off as a flashback of her being bullied… and go forward from there… idk… lol sorry I’m not good with ideas lately…

Thanks for the help. :grin:

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Or maybe Kiara will get kidnapped by a reason, suppose the kidnapper took part in one of the bullying :)) jus sayin tho!!

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Thanks for the idea. I will use that in my story thank you. :grin:

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Can’t wait to read :slight_smile:

:relaxed: Thanks

You know that there is already a story with this plot right? Its called the gangs

It doesn’t matter, the plot is similar to a lot of stories. In the end, all plots have one major thing. A character’s life events.

its the same plot

Doesn’t matter. It’s not plagiarism. Like I said, all of the stories have one major thing. Character’s life events. Did you notice how similar Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are? It’s all about your story telling, not plot.

Go read the story and you will understand what i’m talking about…

It could have the same scenes and it wouldn’t matter. All stories have the SAME plot. Its your storytelling that makes it unique.

I’m sorry, I didn’t know that ‘The Gangs’ had the same plot idea. I don’t like copying other peoples stories, I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m copying someone else’s idea.:frowning:

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I will read the story “The Gangs” and so I know what not to do.

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My bad,

why is it your bad?

She was helping me for the story plot and luviachi said it was a giving me an idea, also said it was a good idea. :disappointed:

as long as you didn’t know that this story already existed is fine… and luviachi’s idea is also really good, you can keep the bullying part and write about her being kidnapped by her bully who is secretly in love with her as she already metioned…or something like that!

Ok thanks cuz I really didn’t know there was a story had the same plot.

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