I need help T.T


Anyone who can des and art want to work with my story for a long time?

The more people help, the more I appreciate


I can do cover art & splashes but not drawn or special scenes. If that’s what you’re looking for here’s some examples of my work:\



It look so pretty, can you create a scene about turning on the sound ?

This story use sound, please turn up your volume.


Yes, would you like any characters?


Nope, just the blank scene and black like this


Thanks you so much T.T


ok! I’ll have it for you soon.


Does this work? Or a different font?


Yeah, can you try with other font too


Ok I’ll use 2 different examples this time.




I love them both, can I use it <3 I will give the credit to you


sure! :+1:


And can you help me with the cover about the episode?


sure! just pm me the info


oh do you have the ig, I will pm you, because i’m a new mem, it might get a limited message


ok, btw in the pm can you tell me what an ig is? lol


Ig = instagram :>


yeah, I have my sister hood’s insta @ epy.inferno.atelier


Okay, Can you make this scene with pink background with the font

The Roberts Family Want To Say “Hi”
Episode 1 - Are You Ready For It?