I need help, thank you!

&pan to zone 1 in 0
@REESE stands back right in zone 3
@REESE changes into Sexy turtleneck dress
@REESE faces left
@REESE starts sip_cup_worried
@SASHA stands back left in zone 1
@SASHA moves to layer 0
@LIAM moves to layer 1
@SASHA faces right
@SASHA starts talk_gossip
@GRAYSON stands back right in zone 1
@GRAYSON moves to layer 0
@ETHAN moves to layer 1
@GRAYSON changes into Grey warm jacket
@GRAYSON faces left
@GRAYSON starts react_gasp_dismayed
@LIAM spot 1.280 52 4 in zone 1
@LIAM faces right
@LIAM starts sip_stemware_neutral
@ETHAN spot 1.280 239 9 in zone 1
@ETHAN changes into Leather Jacket hotness
@ETHAN faces right
@ETHAN starts think_rubchin
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

This scene is supposed to start in zone 1 but even though I put pan to zone 1, it stays in zone two, idk why it’s doing this. Any help, Thanks!

use @cut to zone 1 instead

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For some reason it is still stuck in zone 2

try refreshing

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Thank you, it worked<3

no problem :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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