I need help thinking of a story title and cover design

Plot: The mc is in her twenties and she has a kid with her Highschool sweetheart. They are married and one day he dies in a fire because he’s a firefighter. She tries to be strong for her kid but in the process meets a guy who helps her with her kid.

this is a rough idea

If you could help thinking of a cover design and/or title that would be great, thank you! :slight_smile:

Burning love?

Lmao idk :joy:



I have some title ideas:

Undying Love
Moving On
For My Love
Love Kills
Gone Within The …Night

Cover maybe something like this

I take no credit for that drawing/edit btw

You can have her crying still attached to him while the fire spreads. And have the other New Guy be like reaching out to her from behind holding her by her hips :joy: idk

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adding on to @xetic cover idea you can maybe have fire towards the bottom and then have him be kind of be transparent as if he is disappearing and then have a second male behind the girl reach out for her with a hand on her shoulder and he is also kinda transparent but more noticeable to show him kind of apperaing in to her life

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Love of Flames
Rising From the Ashes
Love From the Ashes
Hearts are breaking, hearts are burning that one’s a lil long lol
Born From the Flames
Broken Hearts, Burning Hearts
Burning Hearts

Those are just some title ideas.

Here are a few title ideas:

  • Inferno of love
  • Unforgettable Blaze
  • Surving a fire of pain

I hope that helps.

Thanks everyone I love the ideas!

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I can think of one title… I don’t know why but I think it would really fit perfectly.

this really makes me feel interested in this story and I think it fits perfectly because it’s like one person is flying away and the other flies right in and the fire part… I’m pretty sure it explains itself

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This is really a lovely name.

Idk if this would work but Scattered Ashes.

Here are some Title ideas.

Little Firefly,
What Happened To [Insert MC’s Name],
A Rose By Any Other Name,
Burning Bridges,
[Insert MC’s Name],
Dear [Insert MC’s Kid’s Name],
The Firefly Diaries.

I can draw u a cover if u want but I’ll have to size it yourself.

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