I need help thinking of scenes

Hi! So I’m trying to plan the second episode of my story and I need help thinking of specific scenes so that my story doesn’t feel rushed. This is the summary:

The MC is a girl named Mia. She has a younger sister named Amy and her mom died while giving birth to Amy. Her best friends are Adam and Victoria, who are twins. One day, she finds a mysterious journal in a thrift shop. Surprisingly, it used to belong to Evelyn (her great-great-great-great-great-grandmother). When the eldest daughter turned 17, it was passed down to her through the generations until Mia’s mom got it. However, when they were cleaning out Mia’s mom’s stuff after she died, the journal happened to be donated to a bookstore. She reads everyone’s pages (from the seven women before her). Apparently, Jasper (Alex’s great-great-great-great-great-grandfather) and Evelyn were childhood friends. So, Jasper made this journal for Evelyn and bestowed magic upon it. He was secretly in love with her and didn’t approve of her fiance. They had a falling out because she refused to be with him so he put a curse on the journal/Evelyn. If the rift between their bloodlines isn’t fixed, the seventh generation will be plagued with bad luck. It starts out small and gets bigger. Mia goes on a “quest” to find Alex and heal the bond. Alex uses his magic to help her break the curse.


  1. There will also be a separate storyline between Jasper and Evelyn.
  2. The reader will have a choice between Theodore/Skylar and Alex in the end, but there will also be a point system.
  3. Theodore/Skylar is another LI that she might end up with. They work at the cafe where she likes to go, and they date for a bit, but she also starts liking Alex.

So this is what happened in episode 1:

  • Mia wakes up
  • Introduction, cc, name choosing, and outfit
  • Reader meets Amy, first choice
  • Morning scene
  • Reader meets Adam and Victoria at school
  • Choice of where to hang out
  • Class scene, second choice
    • If mall then movie night with family
    • Else bookstore with Adam
  • Next day morning, clothes choosing
  • English quiz
    • Mall/bookstore with Vicky
      • Day 3: Journal pages, they explain to Adam
    • Meet theodore/skylar
      • Journal pages, they explain to Vicky
  • Cliffhanger: Mia finding out that her mom had the journal and that the next page was ripped out

I want 7-9 scenes and 4-5 important choices in the second episode and this is what I have so far:

  • Recap
  • Family conversation
  • School
  • Conversation with friends
  • Dad’s car will break down
  • Date
  • Cliffhanger: Mia has a dream

For the recap:
Could be like her waking up then her around her friends maybe a tiny sliver of the tests then the ripped out page.
Family conversation:
Idk what it’s about but if it’s anything like a school Day in the morning at my house everyone could be a little slow then start rushing around and then if Mia has like a part with someone it gets a little slower as in people are outside or at least not that part of the house then she leaves or @transition fade out black lol :joy:
A little moment you show all the other people and stuff… then maybe her going to her friends make sure to set the stage, maybe her friends are already in conversation idk
Dad’s car breaks down:
Maybe everyone is in the car and he turned it on and is about to start going when it just doesn’t or what happened to me once you go like a few miles then it just slowly slows down until it stops
Some dialogue how excited or nervous… or both she is, maybe do hair and lips and maybe have someone be with her or at the end someone talks with her either way have someone talk to her even if it’s on the phone
Last but not least…
Cliff hanger:
Maybe have her getting ready for bed and her laying there maybe some dialogue about her day/life or her thoughts [spoiler or this[/spoiler] she can randomly sit up and scream or something and in the next chapter you rewind to the dream OR she’s starting to dream and show someone or something that’s eye catching.


Oh my gosh sorry about the long paragraph :grimacing: you don’t have to use these ideas if u don’t want oh and what is your story called for when it’s out

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Thank you so much! My story is called Now and Forever. It should be out pretty soon, in about a week. Shameless self promo: There are sneak peaks on my Instagram @ _ superpup.episode_ (but remove the spaces).

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Oh my gosh thanks :heart:

I would recommend adding in more side stories, mini conflicts, etc… Although it seems as though you have a good many of those planned out. My guess is that you feel it is rushed because the main conflict is moving quickly while side issues aren’t coming into play. (Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I’m bad at explaining things and my brain is only ever half working :confused: ) you could go into flashbacks of her moms life, starting with her getting engaged, going into her whole thing with jasper… this could make for an interesting side plot. Just find out ways where you could insert it into the storyline so that it flows nicely. Sometimes things can also feel rushed if you give away too much information too soon. How much information do you plan on giving away in the dream? It might help to ask yourself that. Sorry if this wasn’t much help, but it’s difficult to help other people with their storylines, as it is not your own original idea and you cannot know exactly what they are thinking. Haha sorry. I hope this at least helped a little. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you so much! This was actually very helpful.

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No problem! :two_hearts: