I need help to create a small cover and a large cover please 🙏


I need help to create a small cover and large cover for my new story. I would really appreciate it if you can help me, :pray: Obviously I will give you credit in my story for your art :blush:

The name of my story is: Momento Equivocado
(My story is in spanish) (Yes, I´m latina)
The plot: Well, Amanda, the main character, is a girl who meets a guy online, right after breaking up with her boyfriend, and believes she has found the love of his life. Unfortunately, fate is not in her favor.

Thank you very much!! I hope you can help me, kisses! :kissing_heart:

The main characters:



I can try! What background & poses?


Episode harmony can if she cant

Send the details here


Thank you very much!
The pose of the girl as it comes out in the photo and the boy’s, could be hugging her?
The background whatever! As long as it looks nice and gives it a dramatic / romantic atmosphere.
aaand also the name of the author: Miss Bubble :grin::hearts:


So do you wan’t him hugging her from the back?


Thanks, I’ll try!


@ClaudiaBubble The_art_Sisters can help!

The_Art_Sisters request shop!


Yes, that’s okay!
Sorry if my English is not so good, my native language is Spanish :sweat_smile:


Thank you @ThereISNoregrets :blush:


It’s ok! I’ll get it done


Whoever she wants. :wink:


The_Art_Sisters could get it done within an hour or so.


Ok! thank you very much


No problem. You just go to this site and request what you want.


What is the title?


The title is : Momento Equivocado


Whats the background


Ok. Almost done!


I did not choose one


Thank you :blush: