I need help to find this episode story... please

hi i’m new to the episode forum (literally just created an account) so i’m sorry if i don’t use this properly.
but i rly need help because i’m trying to find this episode story and i think they just deleted it or something because i can’t find it anymore, but i still wanna know what it’s called.
basically there’s this mermaid and she has a shark friend that’s called tikki, and they discovered (by going to the surfice) that a human wants to build hotels in their beach, so in order to save the beach they both become humans and they pretend to be employees. i think there’s more i remember but i don’t want to say it and then it’s not accurate and then it confuses ppl so yeah. what i said i’m 100% sure it’s true and accurate from that story, oh and the cover of the story is underwater with a mermaid with a teal tale and a human.
i rly hope some1 knows this story cause i’m literally desperate to know what it’s called. anyway, that’s it, thank you <3


I LOVE that story!!!
Gimme a minute maybe I can find it in my favs!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Okay, I’m 100% sure it was called The Mermaid and Millionaire. Unfortunately I can’t find it anymore too. :sob: :sob: It seems like the author removed it.
P.S. The shark was named Kiki (As me :rofl:)
And I was waiting for an update.


omg thank you sooooo much i was also waiting for an update and rly excited to find out what was gonna happen, it’s sad… the shark is very cute and a great friend, anyway thank u so much for all the help, truly <3


Glad I could help! :green_heart: :green_heart:
If I will manage to find the author’s insta I will let you know.
We want to know what happened! :sob:

Here’s what happened: What happened to Ksenia

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I believe the author got her account permanently ban/deleted and they deleted all her stories too.

It’s a shame, because she was one of my favourite authors. I believe she continues to write her books on a different app though. :blob_sun:

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Hey can you help me find my story?

I was readying it like yesterday 2/05/23 and i forgot to faborite it.

Its a fantasy, romance story, it was fully released. It is a community story. I remember it was very popular, like it had more than 1m views or something but don’t quote me on that exactly.

She was a normal girl, she had 4 more friends, they went into the woods and found these wierd people wearning green and red masks. Three guys sobwere vampires and sucked their blood until they were dead.

The vampires realised they were there and took them to their mansion. They are love intrest, the human falls in love with the king, and feels sexually attacted to the second brother.

The story is long but, the protagonist has a special blood that the evil vampires want. We later find out that the vampires took the protagonist and her friends because one of her friends was secretly a witch and the vampire needed her help.

They were locked there for a whilebevause human’s cant know the existence of vampires, wolfs, angels, demons etc.

It sounds like Fangs by Girly but I’m not sure.

YESSSS. thank you!!

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You’re welcome!
One of my favs forever! :green_heart: :green_heart:

Her story the Devine is excellent too

Hi, I need help finding this episode story, the mc was Spanish, and she would get abused by her father, and the main love interest was called Ryder? I read it back in 2017, and he was in a gang or the mafia, i cant remember, and she gets pregnant. But then, his rival, who has blonde hair, kidnaps her, and also gets her pregnant in the shower. And then, she has twins, one from each of them, and she allows the other guy to see his child. If anyone can help me find it, i would appreciate it so much​:sob::pray:t3:.

I need help finding a story too. The mc and her best friend meets these two guys one of them is a bad boy of course. The best friend and the other guy fall in love so the mc and the bad boy have to get along. Then her abusive ex comes who cheated on her with her sister. I think her sister gets pregnant too?

Hi everyone!! Im new to this app so sorry if im not using this app right but i reallyyyyyy need help find this story. I read it about last year and i was reading it then my phone broke now that its my birthday i got a new phone. So the story is about. A roommate finds her bsf/roommate a boyfriend. And they boy she ends up finding has a brother that is getting married and invites his brother to thd wedding. But in order for him to go to his brother’s wedding he needs a date but he nevef really dated anyone befor he usually sleeps with woman then goes to next woman.but then he finds this girl (the roommate looking for a boyfriend) e and they hit it off right away. Then he asks her to be his date to his brothers wedding and pretend they are dating. Fast-forward a while and they actually get feelings for each other and start dating then get married. After they have 3 or 4 kids. One of the kind of kids they had was twins btw. PLEASE HELP JE FIND THIS STORYY