I need help to start a story!

So I’m starting to code my first story and I have the baseline figured out but I don’t know how to start it.

I don’t know whether to start with backstory for the LI to explain what happened to him or start with part of the ending that the episode builds up to or start with the MC at a job or something or the MC’s backstory. Somebody help! I don’t know how to start the first episode!!


Maybe try the ending and then what leads up to what happened :slightly_smiling_face:

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Start with the ending and lead up to it, usually I find the back stories pretty boring when I first start reading a story. Instead put a interesting scene that happens later on in the story that the reader can look forward to.


So I basically had the same issue as you, I had the entire plot and everything figured out but just didn’t know how to start it :sob: but to start, what realllyyy helped me was to just have a google docs file with all the chapters in the story in relative detail.
If you don’t know exactly how each chapter will go it’ll be alot choppier and harder to code your story. I like the premise of having flashbacks for the first episode because I feel like it’s quite hard to fully relate to the character straight away unless something happens to them (the reader would want to read on to try and solve this conflict).
But yh, lmk what your story is when it comes out, or if you need any help or advice just message me : ) x


Aa! Thank you so much!!

Is there a certain way you laid out the google doc?

hi! i’ve done the same thing and what i do is have a section for free writing random ideas and brainstorming. the actual plotting can have the story title, and then headers to title the main events that will be most of your scenes in the chapter, and then below each of those headers will be some details and ideas. and then ofc just do the same thing for each chapter. i’d also say if you dont want to go into too much detail, make sure you have at least 2 main events that happen in each chapter. good luck!

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Sorry for the late reply, i’m not really active on this thing :sob:
Basically what I do is, first I jot down initial ideas on my notes app. Like literally anything that comes into my head. It could be an entire scene or could be something as insignificant as a layout or a background. Literally just anything.
Then I open my laptop and start writing chapter by chapter what’s going to happen. For example,
MC gets flashback and is running away from a killer. The camera zooms into the killers gun as he shoots. The MC wakes up and is late for school (the scene where the killer shot the MC was infact a flashforward). She bumps into LI who she despises. Her car breaks down and so LI has to drop her off home after school.
etc etc.

As you do this you will find many gaps within your story which is completely normal. For example for my story, the first 10 chapters are filled with detail, the next 10 are literally empty, but I know how my ending is going to go, so the last 10 are filled with detail again.
As you continue writing more and more ideas will come together and your story will begin to flow.
Let me know if something didn’t make sense, I’d be glad to help anytime.

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